Who is Marc Trujillo?


I’m Marc Trujillo, a Catalan illustrator trained at the Escola d’Arts Aplicades Llotja in Barcelona (Spain). After finishing my studies I decided to take time to travel the world in search of inspiration and experiences. I was all around Europe and part of Africa, where I gave workshops on the power of creativity to local children in different places and even worked as an art teacher in Pärnu Free School (Estonia). Once in Togo, Africa, I shared my art and life with the local kids and grown ups of the city of Lomè and I got inspired by the colors of West African culture. It was there when I decided to come back to Barcelona and continue my formation in Escola Eina with a Postgraduate in Children and Youth Illustration to prepare myself to become the best illustrator and storyteller I could be to share my inner world with the people.


I considering myself a searcher, I use to take notes and draw on my sketchbook whatever I find interesting. I get inspired in many ways, from popular culture, comic, poetry, animation films, music… I like to create in other artistic fields as well, like writing, music or dance.

I give importance to documentation, to make sketches on my notebooks and find the best character or the best way to tell the story, experimenting with techniques and specially entering as much as possible in the story I want to tell. My most used techniques are ink, markers and gouache or acrylic paints. Throughout my short career, I researched in other fields and styles and had applied new knowledge and guidance to my works. I had gone deeper into digital techniques, without losing my own stamp, helping myself to finish my final works better. My illustrations are very colorful and with rather warm ranges.

I has a very dreamlike childish style and I find easy to create poetic worlds in which children are protagonists of adventures, dreams and imaginative situations. I mix textures in different planes, make use of collage as a resource that gives richness to my illustrations and use different styles in the same work letting go the imagination and creating worlds full of magic.


I like to define my illustrations as Illustrated Dreams.


At the moment, I combine my work as a freelance illustrator with art workshops for kids.